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Aug 6, 2018

In this episode, Amber Elalem wraps up her European Excursion story; we also talk about general travel, Anthony Bourdain, social media, personal branding, and her future plans.


Amber's Contact:

Twitter: amberelalem

Instagram: amber_elalem

Facebook: Amber Elalem

Snapchat: amber_elalem

YouTube: Becoming Dr. E

Jul 30, 2018

In the 25th Episode of The Jordan A. Brown Show, I decided to bring my friend Amber Elalem on the show to discuss her recent European Excursion. We discuss the sights and sounds of each location, talk about general travel, and she gives a preview of the next chapter of her life. Stay tuned for Part 2 next...

Jul 23, 2018

Jonathan Dublin (JDU8Z)--a Tampa-based music artist--joins me to discuss his journey with music. We discuss his early stages, his current style, and his plans for a new album. 

JDU8Z's Social:

Instagram: jdu8z

Facebook: JDU8Z


Jul 16, 2018

Matthew Foley--founder and CEO of Bouncy Tails cat toy company--sits down with me to discuss his entrepreneurial journey, give me the vision for the future of Bouncy Tails, and share his advice for young entrepreneurs. 

Matt's Contact: 

Instagram: mjf_30

Bouncy Tails Contact:

Instagram: bouncytails


Jul 9, 2018

Adrian Miguel Agosto--a rising YouTuber and friend/fraternity brother of mine--joins me to discuss the inspiration behind his YouTube channel, his video creation process, and where he sees his channel heading in the future.

Adrian's Social Media:

YouTube: The Adrian Miguel Show

Instagram: adrians_back